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Jeff Bree

Bree, a native Minneapolis grown boy, provided webmaster services for Word Warriors Press and was responsible for the site design and development. He spends his days on the mat at his dojang practicing techniques, lurking around the CC Club and other places in uptown with friends, waxing chumps over XBox Live and basically reading everything in sight. Adept at design (layout, color theory, user interfaces) as well as programming (HTML, PHP, Flash Actionscript, mySQL), he is gainfully employed as a graphic artist on a talented web team that serves national clients & audiences. Someday he hopes to pupate and leave the thorax.


Born with a pen in his hand, Danno has been cartooning all his life, making 'zines and mini-comics since his teens. He first published his comics in the St. Cloud State Chronicle, where a bi-weekly series was published back in 1999, and he also appeared in the zombie anthology Bogus Dead in 2002. Danno has been self-publishing the mini-comic STAPLEGENIUS since January of 2000. The most recent issue of STAPLEGENIUS, "It's War 2: The War on Homeland Security," is now being serialized on this here website. More of Danno's online work can be found at: www.cartoonistconspiracy.com. You can contact danno either via the message boards or at: Staplegenius@yahoo.com.

Elicia Elicia

Elicia attends an arts high school in Minneapolis, where they don't try to stop the art that pumps her lungs. She specializes in the visual arts, but also writes poetry. She hopes to attend a college after this year for graphic animation game design. Elicia provided some of the drawings for Yesterday's Warrior, and she's on the advisory board for Word Warriors Press. She says, "Powder brains wiping lies off their noses, yelling at me, saying I'm the one who changed. All these mopey faces writing down their beginning and end, forgetting the middle. This is only a portion and I'm still alive, not hiding from it."

Erin Erin

Erin, a voracious reader, stores many dog-eared books under her bed rather than dirty plates. Food goddess to two frisky ferrets, Erin is also a professional piercer who is also currently learning the art of tattooing at Creative Images in Fridley, MN. She proofs manuscripts for WWP.

Gail Gail

Gail, the old one, has got a boogy woogy lot of attitude and has an opinion on everything from the unified field to how much fertilizer to give an asparagus plant. She started out with an idea of changing the whole world, but now she's content just to remember to cut her toenails, and to try to get other people to change the world. Currently, she's Managing Editor at Word Warriors Press (which means a lot less than it sounds cuz she's currently the only full-time person).

Jeff Jeff

Jeff supplied some of the pen and ink art for Yesterday's Warrior, and has been drawing since he was a wee lad. He started taking it more seriously once he got to junior high. Since then, he hasn't had any formal training in art, but he continues to work. Now he is going to start the climb to the top of the mountain to train. He hopes that in four years, when he climbs down, he will be a much better artist and ready to take on any project that comes his way.

Lance Lance

Lance is an art student at the College of Visual Arts majoring in Communication Design. Once, while bumbling around on the internet, he stumbled upon a test for introspective self-discovery and realized that he was a “visionary philosopher.” Currently there aren't many openings in this field however, so in the meantime he is supplying Word Warriors Press with graphics and other services such as: logo, brochures, posters, and stationary. Lance is also responsible for the cover design of, Yesterday's Warrior. He has recently added another responsibility to his job description by becoming the webmaster for this site. You can check out his bio and miscellaneous information on him at his website, www.mangledmind.com (under development).

Satya Satya

Satya's art is on the cover of Yesterday's Warrior, and she created the multimedia cityscape sculpture featured on this website (sans people). She thinks, talks, and moves faster than light, confusing the hell out of everyone, including herself. Her closet is full of black and red clothes and mercurial faces. Well, OK, she doesn't actually have a real closet just now, but the mercurial faces are literally true. Satya stopped short of her BFA in Fine Arts to pursue the art of hair at Hair Police in Minneapolis, where she can actually make some money to maybe get her own real closet someday.

Zach Zach

Zachary did the page layout, as well as digital cleaning and formatting for the illustrations on Yesterday's Warrior. Zach enjoys visiting museums, critiquing art, making art, art, art, reading reference books, running, chewing food thoroughly before swallowing, and someday he hopes to raze cattle, then write a sentence about it that requires even more commas. In the meantime, Zach designs (graphic or otherwise)at Necopia, LLC.