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“A memoir with elaborations.” Are you being cheated? Conned? As you read, will this categorization force you to stop and ask, time and time again, Did this really happen? It did. It’s true. Have certain things been enlarged or reduced, colored according to my desires, painted over or made transparent, wrapped up in blue bows and sent out for Christmas? Yeah. How is it possible not to do this? We remember people and events the way we want to remember them, not the way they really are or the way they really happened. Memoir is always a creative art.

This book is my personal campaign against camera viewpoints. Despite this advent of a cultural thirst for reality—more and more reality, as close as we can get please—we know Ronald McDonald better than our second cousins in Kansas. In this hollow age, we venerate documentaries, “reality” shows, and yes, memoir. But do we identify more with what is real on the outside or with certain ways the outside is taken inside, interpreted and re-formed?

I wrote this book as a prolific refutation to myself. It will not get you any closer to me than a work of fiction would. But maybe as I get closer to myself, you will get closer to yourself, too. We can only tell so many truths before we start fabricating fictions. And we can only tell so many fictions before we start relating truths. If this is an advertisement, then yes, I am lying to you. But do your dreams lie to you, too? Are they only commercials of your desires and plans? Are you buying and selling? Is it real? Would you like it to be?

“Sometimes it takes a work of fiction to provide insight into the real world. Outlet Or A Heaven Full Of Televisions by Scott Sundvall is just such a minor masterpiece of literate fiction.”

 — Midwest Book Review

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Excerpt from Outlet