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  1. Public art: How about subversive murals, symbols, poems, phrases, images? Photos
  2. “Art has to be cheap and available to everybody. It needs to be everywhere because it is the inside of the world.”
                                               —from the Cheap Art Manifesto


  3. Free some books: Take those old subversive books rotting under your bed, or go to a used bookstore and pick one up. Write a note on the inside flap that it’s free for anyone to take, read, and free into the world again. Put it in any public place. Check out Bookcrossing. You can also check out this list of recommended subversive books.

  5. Flyer Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart is a perfect example of what’s wrong with corporate America. If you must shop there, print off some of these flyers and drop them around the store for others to read. Even if you don’t usually go there, you might want to drop in on them. .PDF / .DOC (Right-click to "save target as.")

  7. Bookstores and Libraries : If you ever go into bookstores or libraries, you might want to flyer some books. Print out your own subversive messages with links to good websites for more info on your topics, and cut them up to manageable size. Gently insert your flyers into any random books. Example here:
    .PDF / .DOC (Right-click to "save target as.")

  9. Stop signs: We’ve seen some stickers placed underneath the word “stop” on stop signs. Like STOP racism; truth decay; rape; killing Iraqis; corporate media; homophobia, etc. One person told us that s/he just printed them out on 3 1/3 x 4 labels (six labels to a sheet), covered them over with transparent contact paper and presto, there were ready-made stickers in the pocket should occasions for them arise. Since this is slightly illegal, we can only recommend that you not do this, and please tell others not to do this also. If this confuses you, please check this out to see an example of exactly what you should not do.

  11. Hate flags: You know them when you see them. You also know that it is illegal to deface the property of others. We absolutely do not condone any illegal activities. . . Not even if there’s a powerful symbol of bigoted hatred, racism, and a long history of human suffering, as well as an implied encouragement of violence and/or emotional and mental assault of the innocent inherent in that symbol. Even if laws are not innately moral in themselves, and are sometimes subject to the peculiarities of their time and culture-—such as it being illegal for slaves to run off, or Native Americans to practice their own religions, or women to use contraception—we should not consider what’s right and wrong ourselves, but should allow those in power to determine such things for us. Right? We’re sure you will agree. The confederate flag, too? Consider this.

  13. Question authority: Yeah, yeah: cliché, we know. It’s still always a good thing to remind ourselves. And maybe even our televisions are authorities? Maybe we forget to question the authorities-in-us, those internalized voices?

  15. Write a subversive book and send it to Word Warriors Press.
    If you're a new young writer with edgy, unique material, please check out the Submission Guidelines.